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Group Prices: Welcome

Check out our qualified Trainers and Coaches available for group training and their fantastic prices!

We are an Academy, a place of learning. We have fully trained staff that specialize in Group Training Seminars and Programmes designed to suit your every need. Many local businesses, sports teams, schools, charity groups and after school programmes use our services because we offer so much variety and our sessions produce results.


From self defence programmes to fun team building sessions, we guarantee your group will leave excited, fully energized and satisfied with the results.


So what are you waiting for, get a group together and Book A Session Today!

Group Prices: Ryan-Henry
Group Training - Corporate Boxing


We offer a variety of Group Seminars. Here are some of our most popular courses;


Fitness Training:

- Strength & Conditioning

- Boxing (Box Fit Training)


Defence Training:

- Self Defence (Women's & Mixed)

- Empowering Women

- Defence For Flight Attendants 

- Defence For Security Personal


Sports Teams:

- Tackle Clinic (For Rugby)

- Pre-Season Sports Training

- Seasonal Sports Training

- Team Building Sessions

- Boxing (Semi-Contact & Full Contact)


Corporate Workshops:

- Boxing (No Contact or Semi-Contact)

- Team Building Sessions


Martial Art Training:

- Boxing (Semi-Contact Or Full Contact)

- Gracie Jiu Jitsu (Requires A Gi)

- Grappling (No Gi Jiu Jitsu)

- MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)


NOTE: We specially design programmes to suit your group's needs if none of the above sessions meet your requirements.

Group Training - Gracie Jiu Jitsu


Everyone will benefit from this type of training. Some of the results we have seen from our sessions are as follows;

Improvements In:

- Cardiovascular Fitness

- Muscular Strength

- Body Conditioning

- Weight Loss

- Positive Behavioural Changes

- Positive Body Image & Self Esteem

- Improvement In Leadership Skills

- More Co-operative

- Better At Following Instructions

- Better At Giving Instructions

Better Overall:

- Balance

- Flexibility

- Footwork

- Eye-Hand Coordination

- Timing

- Skill Level

- Focus

- Confidence

- Drive

- Self Belief

- Humility

- And much more!

Group Prices: Group-Services-Available
Group Prices: Group-Service-Benefits
Group Prices: Awatea Henry
Group Prices: Group-Prices
Group Prices: Zsana-Henry
Group Prices: Matt-Crawford
Ryan Henry - Group Trainer

Ryan Henry

027 237 46 84

Ryan is a Black Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and has coached and competed in boxing for over 20 years. He does group training in everything outline above. He specializes in Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Self Defense, Boxing for competitive boxers who compete in Amateur and Professional Boxing as well as those interested in boxing for just fitness or skills.


Available - Contact Ryan Via Email, Phone or Txt to Find Out Group Price Options

Zsana Boxing Coach

Zsana Henry

027 917 58 02

Zsana Henry is the Academy's Female boxing and fitness Personal Trainer & Group Trainer. She is passionate about her sport and enjoys teaching Boxing to those interested in getting fit while learning a skill at the same time. She teaches all levels, beginners to advanced in both Boxing & Fitness and understands that every person is different.


Available - Contact Zsana Via Email, Phone or Txt to Find Out Group Price Options

Awatea Henry 3.jpg

Awatea Henry

020 411 699 42

Awatea Henry is our youngest Boxing Trainer at the Academy and has competed in over 65 Boxing fights in the past 10 years. He is a x2 NZ National Boxing Champ and has trained in Boxing all his life as he has grown up in the gym. He is passionate about the sport and loves teaching all levels, beginners to advanced in both Boxing & fitness training.

Available - Contact Awatea Via Email, Phone or Txt to Find Out Group Price Options

Matthew Crawford

Matt Crawford

027 574 44 33

Matt’s passion for boxing and fitness is second to none and he shares that passion daily with everyone who enjoys having fun while training hard, has a demand for the very best in their training sessions, and enjoys boxing as a means to better themselves. Training should be fun and time well spent. 


Available - Contact Matt Via Email, Phone or Txt to Find Out Group Price Options


We cater each session to suit your Groups needs and requirements.


In many cases we can go to your facility and run group sessions, but it will depend on the type of session you want and whether or not your venue is suited for that type of training. This will be discussed with you when you email and set up a session.


All equipment is supplied for your session except for Gracie Jiu Jitsu. You must own your own Gi (Kimono) in order to book these sessions. You can lease them from the gym if you are a small group. This will be an additional cost.


The prices are the same for all our Coaches and Trainers. Each Coach and Trainer has his or her own area of expertise. Please read the description above their Prices so you know what type of session they can run and what they offer.


Course Extras:

You can purchase a Certificate Of Achievement for your Group if you purchase 3-4 sessions. It is an extra $5.00 per person, but it is worth it as it looks great in your C.V. We would require the names of the individuals 1 week before the completion of the seminar, allowing us enough time to prepare them so they can be presented to the group at their final session.


Book Your Sessions:

Send us an email detailing the following;

- What service you would like

- The trainer you would like 

- How many is in your group 

- What your group is e.g. sports team, school etc.

- The number of sessions you would like,

- The dates and times you would like

- Location e.g at the gym, your school etc.


We will then contact you to confirm details.


It's is as easy as that, click below to book your Group Session!

Group Prices: How-Group-Training-Works
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